ShipWorks allows users to design and prepare to production 100%
of: ship structure, hull’s sheet metal plates, mechanical parts, tubing and deck equipment.

ShipWorks is based upon a new technology that merges both 2D and 3D, allowing users to create both general and detail projects in 3D and, afterwards create all the 2D drawings for manufacturing and for the classification societies in a fast and easy way.

ShipWorks is an add-in for SOLIDWORKS, the reference software in 3D design. This partnership helps ship builders to find qualified designers because SOLIDWORKS is the most used 3D CAD software worldwide.

ShipWorks offers an interface for communication management and project control easily customizable for each company.
Why 3D?

Because 3D give us an image so close to reality, it is possible to detect potential problems before production and consequently to spare several hours in manufacturing. With 3D we can generate information that will be used during production; from manufacturing to the purchasing department and also as a tool to ensure project quality.

Our expertise is based on more than 12 years experience with SolidWorks and for the close collaboration with our customers.
This has contributed to the creation of a easy to use tool helping all ship builders to design and manufacture ships.
Find more information about ShipWorks here.
Download our brochure with the main features.
(PDF file, aprox. 4 Mb).

ShipWorks is supported by Althima, Lda on the following editions of Windows 10 – Windows 10 Pro and is supported only on Windows 10 Current Branch for Business