ShipWorks is our Product for Marine Industry.
It adds steel ship construction and modeling capabilities to SOLIDWORKS, the standard 3D mechanical CAD/CAE in the industry.

  • ShipWorks provides functionalities for SOLIDWORKS to assist in design and preparation for production of ship structure and hull.
  • ShipWorks generates all documentation for manufacturing, including flattening of hull plates, markups and beam curvature drawings.
  • ShipWorks is easy to use, since it takes advantage of SOLIDWORKS users experience.
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Power Tools is a generic software tool library that increases SOLIDWORKS  capabilities. It contains very useful functionalities for anyone who works on a daily basis with SOLIDWORKS.

Improve productivity on daily tasks and the connection to manufacturing by automation of repetitive processes as:
  • Drawing creation
  • Working coordinate changes
  • Measurement control lists extraction to Excel files
  • DXF file creation with raw material consumption analysis
  • Beam creation based on splines and helices
  • Square-circle transitions unfolding
  • Containing box for any part in every 3D position
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ScrollWorks is our product for customers who need to model feeding screws.

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WoodTools is a booster for the Furniture Industry capabilities of SOLIDWORKS, concerning detailing, manufacturing and purchasing. This solution allows its users to create:
  • Automatic drawings for all parts on the assembly
  • Customized reports with data for manufacturing, purchasing and quoting
    • Raw Materials
    • Finishing
    • Linear Components
    • Manufacturing Operations
    • Quoting
  • Panel optimization (Nesting) functionalities
  • Coating Placement
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Althima is the Portuguese distributor for Autodesk CAM.

To know more about Autodesk CAM product line please select the link below (Portuguese only).

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We design and develop solutions to deliver success excellence towards customers.

As computer graphics and database specialists, we study processes, define priorities, present a pilot project and show return of investment before customer investment decision is made.

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