Inoxtools allows users to model vessels with all the components in minutes.

Layouts are now easy to model with Inoxtools advanced tools. 

It includes a large library of vessel’s components and models for metal structures design and layout.

Stainless Steel Design:
- 100% integrated on SolidWorks
- Complete Vessels in minutes

Huge library of vessel and layout models.

The library is customized with smart mates and smart components to automate assemblies’ creation
- Users can create their own models. These models can use InoxTools automations.

Working folder capabilities. Files are copied when dragged from the library.

- Parts’ dimensions automatically adapts to existing parts.

- Change Top-Level parameters. No need to search for the right dimensions.

- Ability to create mixed linear and circular patterns for spiral staircases.
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Download our brochure with the main features.
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