WoodTools allows users to automatically create all drawings for the assembly components.

Users can create customized reports with all the necessary data for manufacturing, purchasing and quoting.

Wood Furniture Design:
- 100% focused on Wood Furniture
- 100% production oriented

Automatic creation of drawings for all parts on the assembly.

Working folder capabilities. Files are copied when dragged from the library
Parts’ dimensions automatically adapts to existing parts.

Customizable industry specific reports
• Raw Materials
• Finishing
• Linear Components
• Manufacturing operations
• Quoting

Extended fixtures, textures and 3D models library.

Find more information about WoodTools here.
Download our brochure with the main features.
(PDF file, aprox. 1,2 Mb).

WoodTools is supported by Althima, Lda on the following editions of Windows 10 – Windows 10 Pro and is supported only on Windows 10 Current Branch for Business